"Everyone needs physical therapy at one point or another, whether they seek advice and treatment is another story."

Physical therapy can help people maintain, restore, and improve movement, activity, and functioning, enabling optimal performance and quality of life. In a physical therapy evaluation your injury will be evaluated, diagnosed and a plan of care will be created in order to return you to optimal, pain-free function. Within a therapy treatment you may require manual hands-on techniques to increase mobility in the tissue and joints. Your posture and body mechanics will be assessed and any mal-alignments and less than optimal movement patterns will be addressed. Through a prescribed program of therapeutic exercises and stretches to address your specific imbalances, and a daily commitment to the program, you can move into less pain and more function. Limitations can range from as simple as reaching overhead or lifting groceries, to pushing up your body weight in a high to low plank or arm balance.  

Injuries are best treated acutely though longer-term chronic injuries still stand a chance at returning to pain-free function. With a holistic approach to treatment  Padme Physical Therapy is able to deliver a unique, individualized, skilled and compassionate experience of healing.