"The advanced anatomy workshops were so practical, accessible, and so engaging! I walked out with new ways to look my students bodies and help guide them in their practice"
- Cindy G.

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Upcoming Workshops 2020

Fluid Shoulders: Injury Prevention for the Shoulders w/Alicia

April 5th, 12:30- 2:30

2hr workshop

Sutra Studio, Lowell, MA

The shoulder complex doesn’t have to be so complex in your yoga practice. In this workshop we’ll discuss common injuries and the anatomy involved, and more importantly -how to avoid injury! We’ll discuss tendonitis, labral tears, impingement, frozen shoulder, bursitis and instability. Learning will be interactive with pose breakdowns and fun activities!


Fluid Neck: Injury Prevention for Neck w/Alicia


3 hr workshop

Stil Studio, Dedham, MA

The neck has an important role in core stability and spinal health. Not sure what’s happening with your neck in your yoga poses? This workshop will cover some common injuries such as cervical strain, whiplash, headaches, pinched nerves and “tech neck”. We’ll unravel some poor postural habits as well as go through pose breakdowns and fun activities.


Fluid Fascia: Fascia Anatomy and Application to yoga asana w/Alicia

Nov 8th 10-5

6 hour workshop

Stil Studio, Dedham, MA

The fascial system is an interconnected web below the skin’s surface and deeper, that creates a “tensegrity” network to the body. It distributes force throughout the body giving movements fluidity. It’s been described as the fabric of the body. In this workshop we’ll breakdown the functional lines of fascia as they apply to the yoga asana. We’ll take the perspective of looking at these functional lines as a way to simplify the anatomy in order to move deeper and stronger into the body.


Fluid Hips: Injury Prevention for the Hips w/Alicia

March 8th 1:30-3:30

3 hr workshop

Roots Yoga, Burlington, MA

The Hips are the movers & stabilizers of the lower extremities. Your yoga practice can help you find both mobility and stability to support your whole body and all your daily activities. In this workshop we’ll go over common misconceptions about poses, sensations and what “hip opening” means. Common injuries such as hip impingement, bursitis and snapping hip syndrome total hip replacement and more will be discussed.


Fluid Knees: Injury Prevention for the Knees w/Alicia

Nov 10th 2:30-5:30

3 hr workshop

Stil Studio, Dedham, MA

Whether we’re standing, kneeling or sitting we’re asking a lot from our knees in both strength and flexibility. Sometimes they click, give out, or just won't bend! In this workshop we’ll cover common issues like arthritis, meniscal tears, knee cap mal-tracking, tendonitis and total knee replacement. We’ll also cover how to avoid perpetuating these issues, causing injury, and how to use our practice to use yoga to heal our knees.


Fluid Foundations Workshop

Fluid Foundations: Healing Your Body From The Feet Up!

Join Alicia for an experience that won't just align your yoga practice...but get into the deep rooted triggers of the aches and pains that we all face off the mat at one time or another.

Alicia will start with the foundation, literally...our FEET. We’ll work with getting optimal movement, engagement and awareness. How we stand, walk, warrior and more can have a profound effect on the overall health and physical longevity of our active bodies. Work towards healing what holds you back now, or preventing what could in the future.

This workshop is perfect for all levels, beginner to most seasoned practitioner. A unique opportunity!


Fluid Anatomy

Fluid Anatomy is a 10-hour program designed for 200-hour yoga teacher trainees. During the course of the program, we will focus on basic anatomy and kinesiology (the study of movement). We will delve into the skeletal and muscular system as it relates to the yoga asana practice. This course is accessible to those new to anatomy, a thorough review for those familiar and comprehensive for those looking to apply it to their yoga practice and prevent injury. With fun exercises and group activities, students will become more mindful with their own bodies on the mat and in their daily living.

Fluid Anatomy, led by Alicia Molloy, was developed as part of the Fluid Yoga® training program. Fluid Yoga® is a style of vinyasa yoga built upon the principle that we are fluid by nature. Like water we continually flow under applied stress: smooth, poised and graceful. Our experience in this life is ever evolving, fluid and constantly changing, as is our physical body.


Fluid Anatomy:

Bones, Muscles & Movement


Fluid Foundations:

Foot Health on and off the mat


About Alicia

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Alicia Molloy PT, MSPT, BS, CSCS, E-RYT500; Photo Credit Matt Roy ©2018 lululemon athletica

"I'm focused on optimizing others’ potential for happiness through the practice of yoga."

With over 10 years of experience in sports and orthopedics after training 6 years at Northeastern University’s Masters program for physical therapy she has been able to help patients heal from injury and inspire them to change their lifestyle to prevent future injury. Always treating with a heavy focus on posture, movement patterns and body mechanics, Alicia has been a perpetual student of learning traditional researched-based practices in medicine, newly developed techniques and alternative medicine that have been shown to help people live their lives pain-free. Alicia began teaching yoga only after she found an extremely therapeutic effect from her own personal practice of yoga. After training with Kevan Gale in Fluid Yoga she gained the tools and the experience to begin applying yoga poses, breathing techniques and guided meditation to her patients in need. She is focused on the overall well-being of her patients and students. When she is not working with patients in the clinic, or teaching group classes, she is teaching the anatomy portion of various teacher trainings and holding workshops for yoga teachers and students for injury prevention.


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