I have never been the person to hear a friend say they needed a certain type of doctor or practitioner, that proceeds to lean across the table at dinner to dramatically implore that, “You NEED TO see this physical therapist I go to! She is AMAZING and is also a yoga teacher/practitioner/yogi”. I am 100% that friend now. Alicia has - no exaggeration- revolutionized the way I move everyday and in my yoga practice. When I came to her with a painful hip issue, I was annoyed and frustrated with my limitations. After seeing Alicia for physical therapy for a few months I’d come to, not only feel better, but to see this injury as a gift that will make me a better yoga teacher. She enables me to listen more acutely to my body and move with more structural integrity. I could not be more grateful for what she has brought to my life. Once I completed physical therapy I bought 5 private yoga classes with her because her input and feedback is invaluable. Once I finish these 5 I’ll get 5 more. Worth every single copper penny!
— Megan
I had been practicing yoga for some time before having to undergo knee surgery, and I didn’t quite know how to get back into my practice once I was on the road to recovery – the private sessions with Alicia were exactly what I needed. She has a very well rounded approach to yoga that has a high level of emphasis both on the mind and the body as well as whatever you specifically may need to overcome or work on most. In addition, through her physical therapy work, she has such an amazing knowledge base of anatomy and what specifically is happening under the surface with each posture, which helped me step back into the practice with confidence, knowing she knew exactly what was best given my previous injury. I left each session with a heightened presence in my day and all out inspired to want to practice more.
— Jim S.
I first met Alicia five years ago, after my biking accident. I have four kids and drive them around a lot and when I first went to see Alicia, I could not turn my head comfortably to check my blind spot. Alicia, as a physical therapist, was amazing. Then I turned 50 and had a back issue and then a knee issue. I went back to Alicia and asked her to help make me stronger so that I am able to deal with my “aches and pains”. She took a look at my weaknesses and is now focusing my private yoga classes on what I need to do to stay strong.
— Marguerite C.
Alicia treated me after a scooter accident and shoulder injury. I selected Alicia primarily because of her advanced yoga certifications and emphasis on posture and injury prevention. I wanted to get back on my yoga mat and Alicia helped me do that – and more. My yoga is now much more than fitness – it is a spiritual and mindful practice. Through one on one sessions with Alicia, I learned how to engage my deeper core, correct muscle imbalances and go inward. Alicia and Healing Yoga are awesome partners, helping to guide me on my journey.
— Lily W.
Playing in several “old men’s” leagues I have unfortunately become dependent upon physical therapy. What I have found is that Alicia is the Gold Standard when it comes to physical therapists. Her vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology coupled with her yoga expertise and lifestyle, allow her to deliver what I call a “holistic” approach to healing. Not just a list of exercises to do, but an informed plan to repair the damage and to prepare your mind and body for what’s ahead. I can not recommend Alicia enough to anyone looking to feel better and to get back to living.
— Steve C.