Sept 7-8 Naked Feet Yoga Melrose, MA Fluid Anatomy

Oct 21 & Dec 2 Roots Yoga Burlington, MA Fluid Anatomy

Oct 27 & 28 Seeking Om Revere, MA Fluid Anatomy

Nov 3 -4   Starr Yoga Roslindale, MA Fluid Anatomy

Nov 9-11 Wheelhouse Yoga Clifton, VA Fluid Anatomy

Dec 7-9 Sangha Studio Burlington, VT ****Advanced Fluid Anatomy -Injury Prevention


Feb 3 & March 31 Solstice Power Yoga Lynnfield, MA Fluid Anatomy

Oct 17-20 Newfane Village Yoga Newfane, VT Fluid Anatomy

Dates TBD Stil Studio Dedham, MA Fluid Anatomy

Dates TBD Samudra Studio Saco, ME Fluid Anatomy

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Fluid Anatomy

Fluid Anatomy is a 12-hour program designed for 200-hour yoga teacher trainees.  During the course of the program, we will focus on basic anatomy and kinesiology (the study of movement). We will delve into the skeletal and muscular system as it relates to the yoga asana practice.  This course is accessible to those new to anatomy, a thorough review for those familiar and comprehensive for those looking to apply it to their yoga practice and prevent injury. With fun exercises and group activities, students will become more mindful with their own bodies on the mat and in their daily living. 

Fluid Anatomy, led by Alicia Molloy, was developed as part of the Fluid Yoga® training program.  Fluid Yoga® is a style of vinyasa yoga built upon the principle that we are fluid by nature. Like water we continually flow under applied stress: smooth, poised and graceful. Our experience in this life is ever evolving, fluid and constantly changing, as is our physical body.   

Advanced Fluid Anatomy - Injury Prevention

The physical practice of yoga asana has the potential to heal and prevent injuries.  Having an understanding of the joints and myofasical system can aide in having a practice of longevity.  Its important as we move into more depth and repetition over the years of practice, that the forces we are putting on our bodies are sustainable.  As teachers, we have an opportunity to reduce the potential for injury for our students and the opportunity to change students’ relationship to their yoga asana. 

 In this three day course with Alicia we’ll explore a deeper understanding of the yoga asana and how to prevent common yoga injury.  Learn to optimize alignment and engagement while flowing. Alicia will help to simplify the complexities of the joints including key muscles, cartilage, common injuries and the fascial system and how to keep the body safe and strong for a lifetime of practice. Come prepared to breakdown poses, take a new perspective on the body, and lots of fun!

 Day One:

Fascia Friday!

  • The Fascial System—research from “Anatomy Trains” by Tom Meyers

  • Comprehensive breakdown of the “lines” and how to lengthen them in your yoga practice, and how to use them to deepen your practice. It’s fascinating!!

Day Two:

  • Bandhas

  • The Shoulder Joint- Functional Anatomy & Common injuries: Rotator cuff impingement, Frozen shoulder, arthritis, hypermobility, tendonitis & bursitis

 Day Three: 

  • The Hip Joint- Functional Anatomy & Common injuries: Hip Impingement (FAI), bursitis, hip replacement, snapping hip syndrome, Yoga Butt, Piriformis syndrome

  • The Knee Joint -Functional Anatomy & Common injuries: Meniscus tear, patellar tendonitis, LCL sprain, ACL sprain, Baker’s cyst, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, bursitis, ITB syndrome