Yoga has the potential to heal.

Cuing and alignment is based on what is optimal for the individual instead of the broad spectrum of different bodies. Your body is unique, and the poses that work for your body are uniquely special. Alicia will help you find what works for your specific needs.

In a private yoga session, cues and discussion of engagement and alignment can help clarify the seemingly complicated yoga poses. As you begin to feel where your body is in space, you become more familiar with your body and able to communicate better with  your body.  Pain is a communication that your body is requesting a change is someway; that change could be a shift of how you're holding a certain pose, a shift into a more effective breathing pattern, or even a shift of your mindset.    As you learn to move with mindfulness, it can open the potential for healing, prevent injury and move towards wellness. Private yoga sessions are not only for those who are injured.  A healthy yoga practice should be able to be sustained well into the later years of aging. Less than optimal movements patterns and alignment with poses may feel non-harming and pain-free for years or even decades; however, we have the potential to have a beautiful physical practice into our golden years. It is how we practice now that will determine our sustainability and longevity.  Individualized teaching with the principles of both yoga and physical therapy can keep the body healthy and assist you with longevity. 

Group Classes

Alicia teaches weekly, Healing Yoga group classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:00 PM at Stil Studio (227 Legacy Place, Dedham).  Healing Yoga is a slow vinyasa flow with basic, non-advanced poses.  Accessible to the beginner, or those looking to slow things down while healing from an injury. 

The classes are available as a drop-in.



If you're dealing with an injury or returning to yoga after an injury, Alicia offers the Shadowing program.  During a group class she will be with you one on one, watching your poses and making adjustments and giving assists to help improve your alignment. It's a great way to advance your practice and learn about some bad habits that may have developed as a compensation for an injury, or may be the direct cause of the injury. Shadowing gives you individualized care and support through the entire yoga flow. The fee is a separate fee from the entry fee for the class. 

Practice with Alicia - Online

This 20 minute Healing Yoga flow with Alicia was designed to be accessible to the beginner or someone dealing with an injury. The poses are basic and there is a strong focus on the breathing and meditative aspect of the practice. If done regularly, yoga allows for the ability to heal and transform.